Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is it worth it?

Ok, as you heard I got a bunch of art supplies at a yard sale and last night I spent over an hour reconstituting jars of Tempura paint.  Adding water and stirring (alot) I love a bargain and feel good about recycling but as I was doing this the thrill of having all these new paints wore off some and I began to wonder.  (Our time is worth a lot)  But I stopped when it really got tedious and now I am very happy to know I have all these wonderful paints ready for a project.  I also got a big roll of paper the same day (same purchase $25 filled my living room. wish I would have taken a picture before I put it all away)  I am going to do something huge on the paper with the tempura paints.    The picture shows the test doodle I did to see if the paints were ok and what they looked like.  I got two full shoe box size containers of paint.

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